Tempête CARMEN à la digue du Boutillon

Storm Carmen brought some impressive ocean waves on Monday the 1st of January 2018. We were a little worried on the bridge in the early afternoon because of the downpours and the extremely violent gusts of wind. We had no visibility and lightning followed immediately by frightening thunder made us doubt our trip!

From Ste Marie, it became a little calmer and the rain stopped.

Lots of people came to see the show! I imagine it’s also the holiday effect.

We first stopped at the dikes of Boutillon where the view was astonishing. Walls of water perked up in regular intervals above the concrete wall as the waves came and went.

A short ray of sunshine provided, of course, a moment of magical light during the chaos.

We carried on our way to the Partray Pass where you were better off staying higher up!

In fact, the waves broke against the wall and flooded the pier despite the sand bags. People who came to take photos soon relocated to the top of the mound.

We then went to the Baleines Lighthouse as the sea is always beautiful around there when it’s stormy. There again, the waves broke against the wall and crashed over it. As we arrived, a more intrepid man than any of us found himself soaked through for his courage!

It was a lovely walk despite the few rain drops. We were amazed. The storm didn’t cause any damage on the island so we could enjoy the show guilt free with no natural disasters to worry about.

We know it is the storm season and every time we worry that they will be stronger and more violent than the forecast, but mostly often we end up glad that they are below the strength initially foreseen.