Le pont de l'île de Ré de nuit

Ah, this bridge of the Ile de Ré! We do love it! It makes us to feel like we are on holiday all year round. Dompierre-sur-mer is not far but as soon as we cross the bridge of the Ile de Ré, we feel like we’re far away. From Rivedoux, the atmosphere and the décor are different to the continent.

The island’s villages, which I won’t name for fear of forgetting one and therefore upsetting a “rétais” (habitant of the island), each have their own identity and tranquillity. Whether it’s a lovely little harbour, a walled village, a bell tower or a lighthouse, we appreciate them all and boast of their benefits to our guests.

These villages are attractive during each season, even if after the summer at the end of the Island, many shutters are closed.

On the Island, the light is beautiful all year long. During the off-peak season, the empty beaches reveal their charm and the sea displays changing colours according to the weather. We can enjoy shades of green and blue as well as fifty shades of grey during the winter storms.

Therefore, we love this bridge for the all the emotions it provides. I photograph it from every corner, in all weather.

Price of the bridge of the Ile de Ré

This bridge has a toll and I therefore need to give you the tariffs of the bridge of the Ile de Ré so you can, just like us, enjoy this little paradise.
From 20/06 to 11/09: 16€
From 12/09 to 19/06: 8€

These tariffs are for a car with no trailer.

For motorbikes, the price is 3€ throughout the year.

You can also purchase tickets for more than one trip, which reduces the price per trip. Once you’ve gone once, you will obviously want to go back.


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