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On this page, you will find previous guests’ reviews about their stay, the hosts, the cleanliness and look of the holiday home, the services and activities to do in the area.

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We have been delighted to welcome you to our holiday home The Dimeries La Rochelle.

Your feedback about your stay, the welcoming, the level of comfort and cleanliness of the holiday home is important to us as well as to the next guests.

We will always welcome feedback, hoping it will help us to improve our services.

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We always welcome any feedback from our guests in order to improve our holiday home. We hope to help you fall in love with our beautiful region by advising you on things to do, for example sights to see, or restaurants that we like. But we also try to remain discreet and not overwhelm you! During your stay, you are very welcome to ask us anything: any information, help to solve a problem, advice about an activity or places to visit. We will always be delighted to talk about our region and we are always available to assist you.

We voluntarily ask our guests to leave a review not on our own website (it would be too easy to filter or modify them), but on two trusted external websites such as Google My Business and HomeAway. That way, we have no power on the posted reviews so you know they are trustworthy and true.

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