L île Madame, ses carrelets

The Ile Madame is a special destination because you can only reach it, and return, during one tide. In fact, the access to this little paradise is only possible during low tides through the “passe aux boeufs” by foot, by bike or by car (it’s a shame to go by car because the tour of the island is much more interesting on foot).

It takes between 1h30 and 2h of walking. Of course, you need take into account the time for swimming, picnicking and daydreaming while watching the colourful huts of the island.

Photographers, don’t forget your device! Around each corner, a hut (blue, red or green) stands over the sea and depending on the light, the image will be magical one way or another.

The glasswort fields with their soft and bright greens contrast with the landscape. And if the sky is blue, you will enjoy a cocktail of colours over this flat landscape of the Ile Madame.

The Ile defers a whole range of emotions. Wonder, contemplation and nostalgia are the strongest among them. It’s as though you have always known this place, as this feeling of tranquillity wraps you in.

It is better to take your time to fully appreciate the magic. Walk along the path, at times open to the sky and sometimes shaded by the vegetation; stop at each view point.

You will have a twinge of regret when you have to leave as the tide comes in but you can certainly come back!

After this little trip in another world, don’t hesitate to wander around Port-des-Barques after having returned via the “passe au boeufs”. Other huts wait for you and the seaside is lovely. Some areas are set up with tables and benches to eat at, and the open view enables you to watch the tide coming in.

The Ile Madame is very different to the other Islands of the region and is worth a visit.