B and B La Rochelle : visit the Charente maritime !

In our B and B La Rochelle, you will be close to many touristic activities. Located 8km away from La Rochelle, it gives you an easy access to various see sights of our departments, while being able to enjoy quiet evenings. After a busy day, you will be able to sit and relax in the large garden in the shade of the maritime pine tree and enjoy a delicious barbecue.

Accès au B and B La Rochelle Les Dimeries

You won’t need to worry about parking as there is a parking space just in front of the house. You will appreciate to be far from the traffic, in a quiet neighbourhood.

The many activities available in our region will please everyone. Coastal paths offer delightful hikes by the sea. You can also enjoy relaxing times on the large beaches and a swim in the calm sea. La Rochelle, Saint Martin de Ré, Saintes or the small islands off the coast of La Rochelle are full of history.

The Ile d’Aix is reachable on a boat trip, and you can enjoy a pleasant day walking around the island.

Our B and B La Rochelle is not far from the city centre where you can taste fish and seafood in a friendly atmosphere. On the Ile de Ré or Ile d’Oléron, lots of oyster farmers offer oysters tastings, often outdoor, with a glass of white wine. Gentle lifestyle is ever-present.

This region can be visited through any season, hence our B and B La Rochelle is open all year long. The tariff of your stay varies depending on the time of the year, it goes from 250€ in low season to 360€ per week in high season. During the off-peak season, it is also possible to stay for one night only at 49€ for two people.


Description of the B and B La Rochelle

  • Bedroom with a double bed, shower, sink. Excellent bedding. Bed linen and towels provided.
  • Lounge with TV, internet, Wi-Fi, sofa bed + kitchen with all you need for cooking.
  • WC
  • Garden with barbecue, furniture, sun lounges.
  • Free parking.
  • Bus stop 100 meters away. Buses for La Rochelle, l’Ile de Ré.
  • Breakfast 10€ per person.
  • Nightly booking for 49€
  • Amenities nearby: supermarket, butcher, doctors, pharmacies, boulangerie, tobacco shop…

Tariffs B and B La Rochelle

– 49€ per night
– 250€ per week in low season
– 295€ per week in mid season
– 360€ per week in high season

Breakfast is available for 10€ per person. Open all year.

Discover the specialities of the Charentes from our B and B La Rochelle

Cognac : Cognac is a brandy made from the distillation of various white wines. Lots of regulations must be followed to earn the appellation “Cognac”. The ageing (at least two and a half years)  must be done in brand new oak barrels or barrels only dedicated to cognac and the barrels are stored in cellar only used for cognac. No unwanted neighbours!

The 6 cognac crus are defined by the lands the vineyards are located on and their ability of producing a quality brandy. These crus are the grande and the petite champagne, the fins bois, the bons bois, the borderies and the bois ordinaires.

The pineau des Charentes: white or rosé, the legend tells that the pineau came from a mistake of a winemaker who poured grape juice in a barrel of brandy. Forgotten for a few years, it was an actually nice surprise when the winemaker emptied the barrel. This new drink was a nectar!

Nowadays, the mix is about 3/4 of grape juice and 1/4 of young brandy Cognac. Ageing is also made in oak barrels and the alcohol content must be between 16 and 22°. The white pineau comes from white grape varieties and the red pineau from red grape varieties.

The pineau can age for several years in barrels which, as for the cognac, enable evaporation (the part for the angels).

The oysters: In Poitou-Charentes, two types are produced: the oysters of Charente-Maritime and the oysters of Marennes Oléron. The region is particularly ideal for oysters farming.

Maturing on oyster beds is specific of the basins of Marennes Oléron and they won two “labels rouges”, one for the Fine de Claire and the other for the Pousse en Claire (grown on oyster beds). The breeding and the maturing on oyster beds is spread over 27 towns located on either side of the Seudre and on the Ile d’Oléron.
The “Claires” are old salt marshes benefiting from the tides, it fills in and fills out. Their clay ground makes them waterproof. The Chefs compete to find the most creative way of cooking them but it is also delightful to taste them directly from the oyster farms, in the simplest way with nice bread and raw butter (from the region of course!).

Mussels: Europe is about to probate the sign “STG” (Traditional speciality guaranteed) to the “moules de bouchot”. Breeding the mussels on these stakes preserves them from impurities or “small living inhabitants” by keeping them far from the seabed. This breeding practice of mussels is done on the whole of the Atlantic coast, especially on the Ile de Ré and Charron. The bouchot mussel shells stay clean and free from foreign particles. The shell has a smooth flesh, no taste of mud and the colour varies from cream to orange. The harvest is from June to the end of the summer depending on the weather. There are several ways of cooking them, the most traditional being the “Eclade” or “Eglade”. They are arranged on a wooden board on a spiral and recovered of pine needles that are lighted up. The mussels keep their juice and open up once they are cooked. Careful, black fingers guaranteed!

Jonchée: made with cow milk (goat or sheep milk depending on the region), it’s a fragile cheese that must be eaten quickly. It’s a curdled milk tighten in a rush braid to help it drain off. It is eaten as a dessert with honey, red berries jam or simply with sugar. You can find it on the market, natural or bitter almond flavoured.



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