Activités à La Rochelle : l'aquarium

What to do in La Rochelle when the weather is bad?

You are on holiday in La Rochelle and, even if they are rare, you have to face one (or two!) rainy days and you are wondering what to do in La Rochelle to keep you entertained in this poor weather.

Don’t panic! La Rochelle is full of treasures. You just need to choose amongst this list of activities in La Rochelle, whether you are a family, a couple or by yourself.

The La Rochelle Aquarium

Located near the Old Harbour, the aquarium is an exciting visit displaying a collection of various marine environments that will seduce youngsters just as much as adults. Ideal for the kids on a rainy day!

The first room (Atlantic room) is dedicated to the Atlantic coasts and introduces local species (bass, cuttlefish…). Learning about the species and their environments is made easy by the plentiful informative signs.

The Mediterranean room, with its exotic fish and corals, is very colourful indeed.

In another area you can experience the ocean environment of the African coasts.

The jellyfish corner is a delight with the wonderful movements of the blue umbrellas all around you.

The Caribbean room is stunning with the glowing colours of the Island’s sea life.

The room dedicated to the Red sea and the Hawaiian archipelago is called the Indo-pacific and features a dark aquarium to show the nightlife sea life.

Take a seat in the stands before the enormous shark aquarium where you can discover the varied species swimming around. It’s a fascinating show.

The visit ends in a spectacular tropical greenhouse.

Website of La Rochelle Aquarium

Activities in La Rochelle: the museums

The Art museum

The Art museum is located rue Gargoulleau, in the Crussol d’Uzès Hotel. The limited space of this museum is optimised by the yearly turnover of the pieces of art on display. It features a wide range of European painting from the XV up to the XX century.

Website of the Art Museum

The New World museum

The New World museum is also located in the city centre, in a private hotel on rue Fleuriau, it relates the relationship between La Rochelle and the West Indies. The XVIII century furniture, the American colonial furniture, the drawings, the engraving, sculptures and objects are a testimonial to the rich trading history between the New World and La Rochelle. Temporary exhibitions are also often displayed for a few months.

The Natural History museum

The Natural History museum is set in the old palace of the Governor Aunis, rue Albert 1er, its impressive collections take you on a wonderful scientific and cultural journey. You can wander around the five floors while improving your knowledge thanks to its natural history and ethnology collections from other continents. The children will love discovering the natural collections (zoology, palaeontology…). It’s the perfect family visit.

The museum of automatons and the museum of models

With both museums situated near the old harbour on rue de la Désirée, you can make this a twin visit.

The museum of automatons features old and contemporary pieces coming from all around Europe and created by the finest craftsmen in this field.

Old automatons, publicity automatons, historical automatons, all come to life as you walk past and the children can enjoy triggering the mechanisms themselves simply by pushing a button.

The models museum, a few steps away from the automatons museum, opens up a miniature world of models, using engines for use in the sky, on land or on water. All set in life-like settings.

For those with a passion for models, this place is for you.

The Marine museum

Located in the trawlers’ old basin of the Old Harbour, this museum restores and maintains 8 boats which belong to the French maritime heritage. Guided tours enable you to really understand what life is like on board these historical ships.


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